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Anyone can easily use this app, to help children with autism and children with communication delays in language development.
In this app, you can make a sentence by picture cards, and you can show the iPhone to communicate with each other. Also used as a VOCA system.


Now, voice features are available in Ver. 1.2.

The great features of the app is simple to operate. Let’s demonstrate for your child.

Feature 1. Easy to be moved.
Picture cards on the board can be moved to the touch. Go to the sentence bar by tapping the picture cards. Operation is intuitive so anyone can use.
Feature 2. Free placement.
You can place any picture cards for any order on a page. Makes it easier to find the picture cards. In addition, the picture cards in the tap is moved to the sentence bar can return to its original position with one touch.
Feature 3. Easy to add new picture card.
Source image of picture cards can be downloaded from the Internet-image-search or can bring from the photo album of your iPhone. You can get a picture card when you want it, with just the iPhone.
Feature 4. Voice output available.
Tapping the picture cards on the bar text, recorded voice is played. In word mode, recorded voice is played as a VOCA system.
Feature 5. The use of picture cards history is logged.
For example, “What sentences are made?”, “Number of uses per day are increased ?”. Important data are automatically logged by the app.

When you first install this app, only a few sample picture cards are contained. Please add Mom and Dad’s photos, your child’s favorite food and many.
We hope to be more fun to communicate with children.

Major changes in ver. 1.3
1) Word mode is available used as a VOCA system.
2) History can be mailed out from iPhone.

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Customer Reviews

Incredible – ★★★★
by 1Candiandi – Version 1.2 – Sep 23, 2011
This is awesome! Perfect for non- verbal students! Works like pecs with the benefits of a dynavox! Used with photos & voice recordings to let student say good morning to peers!

More than the greatest – ★★★★★
by Lan – Vietnam – Version 1.2 – Sep 21, 2011
I dont believe that there is a developer can understand my need. It like a magic. I can create ton of things to teach my little boy who is lazy to talk. Thank you so much to the app designer.